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  • "A Sublime Place to Make Art" features textile artist Chris Roberts-Antieau and how she designed her beautiful Michigan home with creativity in mind. "When you're an artist," Antieau explains, "you have to be constantly expanding your thoughts. There's a lot of space here and I can let my mind go to a lot of different places."
    American Style Magazine - Feature Story - Spring 2011

  • A 10-page Artist Portfolio about how artist and New Orleans' Antieau Gallery owner, Chris Roberts-Antieau, got her start, how she works, and where she finds her inspiration.
    Art Quilting Studio

  • "Chris Roberts-Antieau's 'Fabric Paintings' Are Bright, Ingenious, And Downright Kalman-esque"
    Huffpost Arts & Culture

  • Artist Spotlight on Chris Roberts-Antieau explores both the "dark and light" sides of the artist's personality from her macabre "Murder Dollhouse" based on the novel "In Cold Blood" to her quirky and joyful "fabric paintings," as seen in works like "Awkward Social Encounters" and "Monkey Pioneers of Outer Space."
    New Orleans Living Magazine - Artist Feature - October 2013

  • Featured as one of Oprah's Best Gift Books of the Season, Chris Roberts-Antieau's anthology "Sew Far - The Life and Work of Chris Roberts-Antieau" showcases the artist's "madcap whimsy that makes her a favorite on the gallery circuit."
    Oprah Magazine - December 2008

  • "At Antieau Gallery, 927 Royal St., seek out Chris Roberts-Antieau's tragic snow globes. "Murder on Laundry Day" depicts a teeny tiny domestic homicide with plenty of teeny tiny gore. "Dad on a Hill" features a distracted father allowing an unoccupied baby carriage to roll away toward certain doom. What's not to love?"
    The Times Picayune - Dirty Linen Night Preview & Recap - Friday, August 9 & 11, 2013

  • An in-depth interview with artist Chris Roberts-Antieau about her traditional whimsical style, her "Tragic Snow Globes," and her exploration of more serious, ethereal subject matter.
    TIME Magazine - April 2013

  • Chris Roberts-Antieau's iconic piece, "The Blues Saved My Life" appears as the cover art for Where Magazine's April issue about Jazz Fest and "the Art of Music."
    Where Magazine - Cover Story and Art - April 2013

  • Where Magazine welcomes a new talent to town as Chris Roberts-Antieau's pop-up gallery at 927 Royal turns into a permanent French Quarter fixture.
    Where Magazine - Featured Gallery - Aug 2010

  • Where Magazine loves Antieau Gallery - this time featuring Chris Roberts-Antieau's fabric appliqued portrait of blues icon, Robert Johnson.
    Where Magazine - Things We Love - July 2011

  • Chris Roberts-Antieau continues to turn heads with her embroidered and appliqued taxidermy deer heads, which are one of the 30 things WHERE Magazine loves about New Orleans.
    Where Magazine - 30 Things We Love About New Orleans - June 2013

  • "As with many locals, Chris Roberts-Antieau came to New Orleans for a short visit and never left." Antieau's leave-you-in-stitches quilted 'fabric pictures' have found their home in the French Quarter at 927 Royal Street.
    Where Magazine - Featured Gallery - May 2011

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“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, as an artist will answer you: I will live out loud.” —Emile Zola