Events & Workshops

Antieau Gallery Santa Fe Pop-Up!

Antieau Gallery Santa Fe Pop-Up Opens Its Doors on Monday, July 17th and runs until October 14th. Open Daily 10am – 8pm.

134 W Water St, Santa Fe, NM

Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming events and join us for a day/night full of art and fun.

  • Sunnys Callicoon Pop

    Memorial Day to Labor Day

    See the work of Chris Roberts-Antieau at Sunnys Callicoon Pop in Callicoon, NY! For more information, click HERE.

  • The Great Mystery Show at AVAM

    October 7, 2017 - September 2, 2018

    Chris Roberts-Antieau’s Surrounded By Ghosts to be displayed in The Great Mystery Show at the American Visionary Arts Museum from October 7, 2017 – September 2, 2018.

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