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About The Phantom Limb Collection

The pieces included in “Phantom Limb” are all connected by themes of perception and individual reality, as well as loss and permanence. The title of the show comes from the “phantom limb phenomenon” in which amputees report physical sensations of the missing appendage.

“I am fascinated by the mind’s ability to create individual perception, and by the self-constructed belief system that creates that perception. We are what we believe we are. Therefore, what we believe becomes our reality. This body of work is my attempt to alter your perception of reality, just a little. And to perhaps have you question or reaffirm the things you believe.”  - Chris Roberts-Antieau

A Work Filled With Details

-  The majority of Chris Roberts-Antieau’s artwork is fabric appliqué, a process of layering fabric that is cut and stitched together. She also works with “thread-painting” (machine embroidery) and found-object sculpture.

“Life is a path lit only by the light of those we love.” —Tom Waits